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26 Dec 2010

Glory Revealed

When I look towards the towering hills The fog weaved gently between them The sun’s rays beaming through majestic clouds, When I feel it’s warmth on my face, Or the crisp morning air, When I see the long grass laced in frost And consider that the moon and the stars Are hung

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07 Nov 2010

Astonished By Mercy

That you would shed your blood for me When I was foulest enemy And on your back I’d place the cross For in rebellion I was lost. Willingly I scorned your name It should be I who bore the shame Why would you die for sinners cruel Who despise your

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02 Sep 2010

Prayer Answered by Crosses

I read this poem probably five years ago and have come back to it many times.  It’s easy to see the loving care of God when He answers our prayers the way we want them to be answered.  Sometimes we pray “Your will be done” but in our hearts we

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02 Aug 2010

Jesus Looking Loved Them

Looking down He saw this earth Where once was bright as dawn Where a man from dust was pure at birth Created to dwell upon This perfect garden in the east With God dwelling, and for a feast The fruit of every tree but one For by its’ knowledge comes

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05 Jun 2010

Come to Christ

How has the domain of darkness So disguised its self as light? There you sit as in the shadows And the chains of death but yet The world says “this is life, And yes what life is all about: To sit in darkness as if light, To raise your bound

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26 Oct 2009

In The Midst Of Trials

Where does my contentment lie? In what do I most gather peace? In need of nothing, satisfied From endless craving to find release.

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