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27 Sep 2014

The Unveiling is Not Cruel

Did you think To put you in a furnace Would not scorch your skin? To come out gold With easy glee And not the surfacing of sin? Or that boiling water hot Would like a warm bath Scathe you not? Like sinking in so comfortably To fire should come easily?

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15 Sep 2014

Before the Throne of God Above: A Hymn for the Sin Grieved Soul

Sometimes Christians lose sight of the gospel. I’ve been there. You give yourself over to ruthless self examination and slip into works righteousness thinking that loses sight of hope. You’ve seen that your heart is fickle. One second you worship God and the next you curse men who are made

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04 Sep 2014

A Thorn To Bless

What will I do with satan’s thorn Lodged deep in weakest access point? No pill to take No treatment makes It well, no method has supplied A cure, Steps stumble; Backward falls The soldier, boldly with a limp But limping on He goes, he goes, A carefully crafted grin All

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01 Sep 2014

Abide With Me: A Hymn for the Dying

When I search my mind for a favorite hymn “Abide With Me” rises quickly to the surface. gives us this information about the circumstances surrounding the writing of this hymn by Henry Lyte in 1847: Lyte was inspired to write this hymn as he was dying of tuberculosis; he

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18 Jul 2014

Share It With Me- A Poem for My Daughter

Share It With Me God’s wonders all around It takes a two year old to see The tiny movements in the feet Of the gathering bee. This day if I alone Went for a walk down by the slue I would not tromp through long, thick grass To find the

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10 Jul 2014

Still: A Poem For Christians Awaiting Perfection

Learned, but have I really learned To trust? Hoped in God, yet other times In dust. Treasures high, but also some That rust. Desired God; not always, But I must. Hungry, thirsty, satisfied And filled, Yet other times all empty Wanting, nil. Reaching for His word I must Be still,

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