Greetings, and welcome to the blog! My name is Charlene Nelson and I have been writing articles and poetry for the past several years at I’m mama to my busy little girl Adelle, and wife to Brent Nelson, who works in our basement running Soapbox Studios (in case you happen to need a graphic designer!). I live in an absolutely beautiful farming town called Chilliwack, in British Columbia.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was around twelve years old, and it has played a crucial role in my life. Even as an unbeliever, poetry seemed to force me to be honest with myself about the condition of my soul, and in truth, that process had much to do with my coming to Jesus Christ. When I was saved around the age of eighteen I committed that my writing was to be first, and foremost, for the glory of God.

There are many reasons I’ve started up a poetry blog. I’ve faced many physical difficulties in my twenties, one of them being with my wrists. Pumping out lengthier articles (and attempted novels) doesn’t fare too well with my body most days. A few weeks back I confessed to the Lord I felt like I was constantly being driven into a corner; so I prayed that if I be in a corner, may He blow the roof off of it and let me see more glory and more beauty than I would ever be able to see in open fields.

I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but trust that it makes perfect sense to me.

Also, may it be said, that poetry is the form of writing that brings me the greatest sense of delight and satisfaction. I have long lamented that I was born in the wrong century and that “no one seems to care about poetry anymore.” Well, I feel challenged that perhaps that is not true.

Lastly, I recently read “Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully,” by one of my favorite writers and preachers, John Piper. I suggest you read it too as it mightily encouraged me in poetic pursuit.

So, let me tell you what I hope (key word being hope) to accomplish with this blog:

1. I want to hone my own writing skills and bless first the Lord, then people with my poetry.

2. I want to read more stuff by poets and hymn writers of old. Then I want to share the best of it with you.

3. Of course I’m also happy to share poems or review poetry books by people far more accomplished then myself who have already published! Feel free to let me know what’s out there!

4. I want to share my love of hymns with you and try to feature modern artists who promote that same aim.

5. I want others to join me! I am hoping to receive and share some excellent, little-known or unknown poetry from other writers. Beyond that how awesome would it be if we could collaborate? I like to dream about musicians, and videographers, and photographers, and actors, and poets all collaborating together- but perhaps I dream too much?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream does it? In the meantime I’ll try to stay faithful to my meager efforts, as the Lord allows me to.

Charlene Nelson

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