Poems by Charlene

Hope Without Shame

Deliverance will come.
The chains and the chides
Will all turn out for good
By prayer and Christ beside.
I will hope, my courage full
That God will provide;
My hope will not prove vain
And for shame I will not hide.

There is one aim alone-
That God be glorified,
To honor Him while I do live
Though would be better if I died.
To live is Christ and must
Mean fruit multiplied,
Sure of this then- yes!
I will escape after I’m tried-

But, if I died, would be no shame,
With Christ I’d then abide.
My hoping either way can’t fail
If God is glorified.

Based on Philippians 1:19-26

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Charlene Nelson

Charlene Nelson

Welcome to the poetry blog of Charlene Nelson. I view poetry primarily as an expression and means of seeing and savouring Jesus Christ, while inviting others to join me. Some readers may even want to join by writing and submitting their own poetry- and I hope they will! I also intend to use this as a place to share hymns and poetry of times past.