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The Triumphs of Our King

I had some fun an evening a few weeks back and wrote my very first hymn. Hymn writing isn’t really something that comes naturally to me, so I thought I would find a Psalm to base it on. I came across Psalm 46 and thought with all the turmoil we see on the news today, this was a great reminder that God remains in control, and ultimately His dominion will reign- not only in the entire world, but in our individual lives as well.

The Triumphs of Our King

Verse 1

Though earth give way beneath our feet
And even mountains strong
Do with great trembling force now meet
Succumb and fall headlong,
Into the sea whose raging swell
Casts up its’ angry foam,
To swallow there what mountain fell
While his companions groan.


The mountains shake, but we won’t fear
For God has promised to be near,
The kingdoms quake, but in those hours
We hide in Him who overpowers,
And all the world might us assail
But God- His word will never fail.

Verse 2

The nations rage and rise against
But tottering and frail,
And little have they ever sensed
God must and will prevail.
He speaks, earth melts, now come behold
This king in awe and fear,
He burns their chariots of gold,
Breaks bow and shatters spear.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

Beyond there is a river clear
Whose streams make all men glad.
It overflows from higher cheer
Which God has always had.
So with Him dwelling in our midst
We can never be moved,
When battle dawns out rides our Prince
Whose triumphs have been proved.

(Repeat Chorus)

If anyone has a desire to do something with this please do contact me first for permission- and also because I’d just like to know. I’m not exactly musically inclined, though I sure wish I was. I hope you enjoyed it anyways.

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Charlene Nelson

Charlene Nelson

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