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On Decorating (For Our Wedding)

Here’s part 2 on “The Wedding Chronicles,” which is basically just a bit of fun I’m having reminiscing. You can see the first poem “On Our Engagement” here.

On Decorating (For Our Wedding)

We pulled into the church
The evening before
And I couldn’t open
Up the car door.

“I can’t do this”
I said,
“I cannot decorate.”
See for me decorating
Is something I hate.

But it wasn’t just that,
“I’ve been waiting so long
For the wedding to come,
But then this will be gone…
See this, our last second alone
While were ‘dating’
And we have to spend it
Here decorating.”

So before we got out
We said a prayer
For peace and for patience
And God took my cares.

Well- it wasn’t exactly
Without a glitch,
You backed over the music
We had planned to get hitched.
The tulle for the isles
That I planned on draping
Appeared like a trap to trip
Guests in the making.

The guestbook table
Was painfully scarce,
My friends laughed
That I wanted the procession march,
But I insisted
Much to their despair,
If it looked funny,
Well, I didn’t care.

All this besides,
It was strangely fun
Everyone scrambling
To get the thing done.

We practiced our vows,
It was all very sweet
And then we moved on
To where folks have to eat.

There we soon saw
We had tables too small
And two sizes of napkins
(I’d not checked them all),
The chairs without covers
(Does anyone care?)
Well… maybe our mothers,
But we didn’t care!

Strangest of things,
I had great sense of peace
That these little things mattered
Not even the least.

Later when I fell into bed
No feelings of dread
Swirled around in my head,
But rather was looking on with delight
And God gave a most
Blissful sleep that night.

I awoke as if before a great feast,
Could a single care ruin it?
Not in the least.

Psalm 55:22 “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

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