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On Our Engagement

I’ve been remembering our engagement and wedding day lately. Close friends of ours are getting married soon, and last time we got together they came prepared without about 30 questions on marriage. I think that got my memory rolling. It also helps that I’ve been doing a bible study on Judges with a group of fun young single ladies, so inevitably the topic of dating, engagements, and weddings come up (yeah, even in the midst of studying Judges).

So I’m writing about my memories in a lighthearted, and kind of Dr.Suess-ish way. I’d say its pretty branched out from what I normally write, but I’m sure having fun writing it. Hopefully you enjoy it too.

Part One of “The Wedding Chronicles”

On Our Engagement

I’d been waiting all day
For the question to pop,
We looked at a view
Then went down to the rocks
By the river and there
I leaned and you stared-
It would have been forced
So I didn’t care

If you waited.
But dark came as you
Drove me home,
All good places were passing
The stones were all thrown,
So I said “Here, pull over,
We’ll look at the stars,”
So we looked there together
For Venus and Mars,
“Come out with the question!,”
I thought but stayed silent,
Then thought to urge him
I spoke in the quiet:
“If you’re worried of money
I’ll tell you one thing-
I don’t care.”
(And I didn’t)
Now- on to the ring!

So I slept on the drive
As we played love’s refrains
And awoke to much clanging
As you chased a train
To beat it. We fled,
Sped beneath crossing bars,
I screamed, you pulled over
“Get out of the car”
You said,
And bewildered I listened.

The train roared by
But the soft music played,
You went down on one knee
I was in a daze,
You shouted above the boxcars
A phrase:

“Marry me?”
Then it was my turn
To fall on my knees.

We hugged and jumped
And had our first kiss,
Slipped a ring on my finger,
Which somehow I missed-
For all the excitement and joy
In my heart
Made the ring more a token,
A very small part
Of a love far better than diamond rings-
If joy over a thing
Were to love compared
Then in comparison
I barely could care.

Song of Solomon 8:7 “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised.”

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Charlene Nelson

Charlene Nelson

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