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Glory Revealed

When I look towards the towering hills

The fog weaved gently between them

The sun’s rays beaming through majestic clouds,

When I feel it’s warmth on my face,

Or the crisp morning air,

When I see the long grass laced in frost

And consider that the moon and the stars

Are hung up by your Word,

“What is man that you are mindful of him,

And the son of man that you care for him?”

Who am I that you have measured my days

That you would be deeply acquainted

With all of my ways?

Lord, when I see the way

You set the sky ablaze

Is it hard to imagine your glory revealed?

It is but a foretaste for me

My heart is lifted high and

Closing my eyes I can imagine

You are riding through those clouds for me.

As the highest heights provoke fear

And the sharp sheer cliffs produce awe

The sunsets delight and the cool streams refresh

Oh Lord, your presence will outdo these all

Your beauty will melt away pain,

Your radiance will make me small

Your hands will embrace

Your love will consume.

Oh glorious Sovereign One

Roll these skies up like a scroll

What can compare with You?

Oh rivers, clap your hands!

Oh hills, sing for joy!

Your maker is coming to make all things new.

Oh shout for joy, You His saints

Stand amazed at His promises

“The creation itself will be set free

From its bondage to decay

And obtain the freedom of the glory

Of the children of God.”

Referances: Psalm 8:3, Psalm 139:3,16, Isaiah 34:4, Psalm 98:8, Romans 8:21

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Charlene Nelson

Charlene Nelson

Welcome to the poetry blog of Charlene Nelson. I view poetry primarily as an expression and means of seeing and savouring Jesus Christ, while inviting others to join me. Some readers may even want to join by writing and submitting their own poetry- and I hope they will! I also intend to use this as a place to share hymns and poetry of times past.

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