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15 Jun 2017

Free Thoughts Rise Up

“Thoughts are sand,” she said And it was true; Water them- they’ll clump Together and glue. “Beliefs are sand,” she said, But culture dumps Presuppositions, Making builders chumps. “Truth is sand,” she said, “Pure volition Follows what is felt And casts a vision.” “Call us all to shore. Let the

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22 Dec 2016

The Christmas Truce

1914, the troops knew the new war. Kept their heads below the sandbags, Knelt for days in flooding zigzags Of death; Sometimes the rats would aid Decomposition. Out there, the enemy huddles Likewise, and each mission Is to blast the faceless villains With good aim, but not good vision. Frost

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18 Nov 2015


She was frail as a petal A dandelion in the wind, Sun scorched and drooping As though a weight Hung from her chin- As though no beam Could ever rise her, And no arms could support That limp and weary frame, A stringless puppet Bowed apart. Others held their places

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31 Oct 2015

Farther Along (We’ll Understand This)

Here is a poem I wrote based on my experience listening to a favorite song of mine. This song, in part, got me through 9 months of a very difficult pregnancy. I listened to it nearly every day, and I think it made me cry every time. It helped me

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01 Sep 2015

The Woman on the Internet

My heart has been grieved by recent events involving the Ashley Madison account, and especially when I hear of fellow Christian families whose lives have been impacted by this. I am burdened as a fellow sinner in this fallen, tainted world. Who isn’t impacted in some shape or form by

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12 Jun 2015

Hope Without Shame

Deliverance will come. The chains and the chides Will all turn out for good By prayer and Christ beside. I will hope, my courage full That God will provide; My hope will not prove vain And for shame I will not hide. There is one aim alone- That God be

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